Foreigners who enter and exit Vietnam must have their passport or passport substitutes (hereinafter referred to as passports) and visas issued by competent authorities of Viet Nam, except in case of visa exemption. The passport substitutes must be introduced to and accepted by Vietnamese competent authorities through diplomatic channel.

1. Visa Exemption

- For ordinary passport:
• Citizens of Belarus, Brunei Darussalam, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Myanmar, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK will be exempted visa to Vietnam by 14-15 days. (British National Oversea Passport was not included.)
• Citizens of Philippines will be exempted visa to Vietnam by 21 days.
• Citizens of Cambodia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Singapore, Thailand will be exempted visa to Vietnam by 30 days.
- For the other types of passport, please find your case in here.

2. Categorizes of Vietnamese Visa

- Type of visa:
• Visa sticker: is a visa labeled directly into a passport. Please choose this categorize for easily application.
• Loose-leaf visa: is a visa issued separately from a passport (For Holder of a valid passport running out of blank page for a visa sticker/Holder of passport issued by a country that has not yet to establish diplomatic or consular relations with Viet Nam/ Holder of a valid international travel document.)
- The validity
• Single entry visa: is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for one time (please choose this for easily application).
• Multiple entry visa: is a visa having validity to enter into and exit from Vietnam for more than one time.
- Codes for Congress:
• HN - issued to conference/seminar attendants.
• DL - issued to tourists.
- Validity duration
• HN, DL visa is valid for up to 3 months

3. Application:

- Necessary documents:
• 01 Application form (in provided format) with an attached photo. The visa application form can be downloaded from website of your nearest consular department or please fill the form online and print out from here (
• Passport or passport substitute (validity of at least 06 months for eligibility).
• A photo must be clear for identification (not be edited anyhow); taken within the last 01 year; 4x6cm in size; background must be white/bright; straight face; no hat, no dark or tinted glass; both ears must be shown. You can check your photo in here (
- E-visa application:
• From 2016, residents of 40 countries were approved to applied e-visa through internet. The list of 40 countries in here
• Please follow the guide in here to submit e-visa
• Applying visa from here
• Application fee is 25 USD.
- Ordinary application
• A visa application should be submitted to the Vietnamese Mission abroad. Please find the Vietnamese Diplomatic Missions nearest your place in here
• The status can be checked by directly contact to Vietnamese Diplomatic Missions or from internet
- Processing duration
• Visa usually are issued within 3-5 working days from the day the Vietnam diplomatic mission abroad receives valid and complete visa applications and visa authorization granted by the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security), Consular Department or Ho Chi Minh city Department of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
- Visa receiving
• Visa can be issued on the same day of receipt in Vietnamese Diplomatic Missions
• Depending on each place, visa can be received by mail. Please check website or directly contact to place which you apply your visa documents.

4. Notes:

- We warn that the following websites are not legitimate:,,,,,,,
- The visa processing duration sometime will be longer than 3-5 days. Please preparing about 20-30 days before your trip for visa application.